A Mom's perspective. <3

Many times in life we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. It was one of those that my son was given when he was called to serve a mission. As a convert I had already been the recipient of the great gift that the missionaries bring to people. I had received the hope and the joy from a set of young men who had spent their teen years preparing to help me find my future. When my son prepared to go I was excited and a little scared. Dropping him off was one of the most emotional day of his mission. I cried for a whole day both from gratitude and from emotion. Of course I was happy for the journey he would experience both spiritually and emotionally.

In the meantime our family would have a missionary in the field. The first 6 months we kept planning things that were we would do when he came back. We felt it was unfair to do things without him. After joining some missionary moms groups I realized that this was not healthy for my younger children. We had to learn to live our lives here. We wrote my son every single week. We waited with anticipation for his email on Monday morning and we tried so hard to catch him when he was online. It was like a weekly treasure hunt. I was very relieved that we could hear often and quickly about the experiences that our son was having. Our lives went on and we got really busy with school and activities and the things that life entails.

One day I reread a post on Facebook and realized that many moms sent boxes to their missionaries every month. My son had only gotten a box at Christmas and one for his birthday. Yikes, now I felt bad so I wrote him and asked what he might want. Some candy and socks is what he answered and that is what we sent. Next time he mentioned his companion and I realized that it was normal for his companion to get snail mail. I started a million letters which were never sent for a myriad of reasons and I purchased a few things here and there but there was often simply not enough time to get the Halloween things to him by Halloween. I sound like a loser but in reality I was a busy mom with good intentions and lots to juggle. My Elder had what he need. The Lord saw to that.

However, as he returned after his mission, a day to remember for sure, and he told us about what was not just important and spiritual on his mission but also fun. Mail and packages were really identified as something worthwhile. I recalled that during my missionary mom days there were several times that I read about missionaries whose companions never got mail and the mothers would rally to send them stuff. We realized that it was not impossible to make it better. He and his friends came up with the idea of a box subscription service with only the need to know the name and the mission. They spent time choosing what to include based on what missionaries really wanted and needed. It is very exciting to know that now when a missionary mom or a friend or a ward wants to they can just order a box and not worry about getting all the information just doing something for that missionary. It is a great day when you can easily send love in a box.