Mother's Day Skype Preparation

One of the most important holidays is coming soon: Mother's Day!

Many of us will be able to talk to our missionaries via Skype. If you aren't familiar with Skype, here is a quick guide to how it should work:

1. Get access to a laptop/desktop with a camera. You want to be able to view your missionary and have them see you!

2. Install skype: go to and download the appropriate system

3. Register a Skype name by making a profile.

4. Do a test on the microphone and camera (it will walk you through this).

5. Add some friends, usually available if you let skype see your contacts. 

6. Do a trial call with someone to make sure everything works. Remember that the camera will see you, so dress yourself up as you would when going out. 

7. The week before your call, send you missionary your skype name. They will find your skype name before the call (make sure you tell them to do this).

8. They will let you know when they are available before that day (remember that time differences are a thing, so verify TWICE the set time for the call in both time zones). 

9. They are allowed 60-180 minutes, but often share this with their companions time. Ask how long your missionary has when they start.

10. Remember they have no privacy so don't ask about personal things. A companion might not be visible but will be in earshot.

And remember...

11. Be positive and don't make them too homesick!

Love them and praise them.

Good luck!!