One Time Boxes

Only want a box sent for your missionary’s birthday? Or how about when they first get to the MTC and you’re worried sick they won’t eat anything other than cereal? One Time Boxes are perfect for you! One box, one payment, no commitment. 


Birthday Box

We know, that you know, the struggle of finding a birthday present for someone who is over 12 years old. Add in that your child is now a missionary and you’re totally stumped as to what to send. We can help! With our birthday box, we work alongside you to send your missionary their favorite things. Snacks, treats all wrapped up with a cheesy birthday card. (What birthday is complete without one?) Packaged and sent close to one month before their big day, leaving you with a worry-free month to spam their e-mail. 


For most, dropping off a missionary at the MTC is an emotional experience. At Boxes From Babylon, we know the struggle most missionaries have adjusting to leaving home and spending weeks in the MTC environment. This box is the one for you! Our MTC box is packed with fun items to help your missionary kick off their missionary experience. Sent while at the training center, it allows your missionary to have some Love From Home so you can recover from sending him or her out to serve. 

Standard box

Still unsure which box is right for you? Or if our boxes are right for your missionary? Try our standard box and put us to the test. We’ll send a one-time standard box to your missionary along with our regular shipment so you can see for yourself how our boxes will brighten your missionary’s day.